Silver – stanza 26.3

When it came to Courlain, Malinov found it
Difficult to trust Silver completely, he
Knew they had a past together, past
The seventy years they spent together
Recently, Silver had never told him
About any of the time she had spent
With Courlain but Malinov had been
Told a few things by Tasha, who also
Didn’t like to discuss her past, but
Tasha is an incorrigible gossip and
Was very ready to tell tales about
Other people’s past, though she knew
Little enough about Silver, but Malinov
Knew enough to understand that last
Time Courlain showed up unannounced
And Malinov could never be sure
That Silver hadn’t left unwillingly
Just as she had run off with him in
Louisiana, so while she had told
Him to go about his business and
Leave Courlain to her to deal with
Malinov never strayed too far away
Keeping his eye on both Silver and
Courlain but eventually, his presence
Tipped off Courlain that Silver
Was on to him, that her innocent
Suggestions were far from innocent
Caught like a rat in a trap, Courlain
Fought back by burning the trap


About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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