Silver – stanza 25.3

The day of the show started slowly, with
A modest breakfast and a long soak
Down at the theater, Mme. Tasha led
A very light warm-up followed by a
Logistical run through, checking marks
And cues; one of the girls who danced
In one of the other numbers cut her foot
Leading us into twenty minutes of chaos
And panic as they bandaged the wound
And finally convinced the young woman
She was fine and perfectly capable of
Performing; as curtain time approached
I sequestered myself in my overly large
Dressing room; took a quick bite to sustain
My strength without weighing me down
I cleaned myself thoroughly and began
Applying my stage make-up, molding
My coif, Attending the details of my costume
Sitting in silence, I went through my breathing
Exercises, mumbled through the prayers I
Had been reciting since childhood, touched
Or kissed some of the keepsakes, icons,
Totems and good luck charms I had collected
Over the years; I went through a series
Of stretches I have developed to focus my mind
Finally, I left my dressing room, headed
For the stage to watch the dances from
The wings, soon Allison stood beside me, I
Took hold of her small hand and kissed it


About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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