Silver – stanza 15.3

A play is dialogue, nothing more to a writer
A stage direction or two but no one’s paying
Me to arrange the staging, they’ve got a guy for that
But just words, words, etc., for actors to say
The character peoples a scene, says words
That communicate with the other characters
And the audience in the usual verbal way
Actors pretend to be characters and speak
The author selects the words as a way
Of defining the character but the actor
Is not the character and there lies the rub
In order for the author to define the character
As portrayed by the actor, the author
Must select words appropriate to both
So I was asked to take the script, an almost
Clever play on customs and mores and love
Watch a few rehearsals, get to know the actors
And by merging the idiosyncratic vocabularies
Of cast and casting, elevate the performance
By making each role completely natural
To the person playing it, and perhaps if
Things went well, staying with the production
To change the script nightly, if deemed wise
Ambitious but not too hard and perfectly suited
To my goals as getting to know the creative
Community was the fastest path to finding Silver
Along with the opportunity to spread my words
To a broad public, I sad down with each actor
But couldn’t find any news of Silver


About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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