Silver – stanza 11.3

“Silver?” he asked as he approached
“Her name isn’t …”
“Yes,” she responded, smiling, “Malinov”
“Vanessa, this is Marshall Braddock.”
“Yes, indeed.”
“I’m confused. Do you two know each other?”
“We’ve just met.”
“But …”
“I’m sure we have much in common.”
“So much catching up to do.”
Possessing the rich offered a head start
On life projects that required capital
But came with the disadvantage of
Families that cared, particularly
About things like marriage and heirs
And wresting away a family fortune
Took patience, a whole life sometimes
Which leads some immortals to hoard
Money, passing it between lifetimes
In trusts or buried treasure, some prefer
At times, the challenge of starting poor
Showing how far a young person can go
With the wisdom of three hundred years
To advise every step, lessons learned
From mistakes unwisely made just to
See what would happen; Immortals lose
Their sense of fear, even in business
For everything is fixed in a new life


About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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