Silver – stanza 7.3

Malinov began his search journal by going
To a bar downtown for a poetry reading
Now I’m not much of a reader and maybe
This guy Malinov is one hell of a writer
But when he mentioned pulling the door
Handle to go into the bar, I can see the
Whole thing happen in my mind, like it was me
I don’t think I’ve ever been to that particular
Bar, who knows, maybe I walked past it
Or maybe I’m just very imaginative
But it didn’t end there, walking down
Stairs past paintings he didn’t describe
Yet I can see them clearly, I remember them
He says hello to the bartender, Julie, whom
He never named, how do I know her name?
Or why do I think I know her, a person
Identified only as “the bartender?”
It all started to creep me out so I put
Malinov’s journal aside and opened
The history to the first page where I
Was introduced to a young man called
Malinov and the castle in Germany
Sounded familiar but I spent two years
Dancing in Berlin so I wasn’t surprised
I liked visiting the old buildings
The castles, churches, monasteries
Pushing people to take me and once there
Persuading them to let me in secret chambers
Sometimes getting my way is my pleasure


About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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