Silver – stanza 21.2

Distracted by Tasha rustling about, Malinov
Turned his attention from the opera below
To see her push a hastily scrawled sheet
Into a servant’s hand with a whisper
“What was that,” he asked with a knowing
Grin “What was what?” “Tasha.”
“Sorry, force of habit, just a note to my
Dear friend, you see, over there, the Countess
Nestled cozily in that box with a young officer”
“Hardly seems a reason to correspond.”
“Her husband has been on campaign.”
“I see. So you offered your good wishes.”
“She needs my benediction. See the older
Gentleman over there, neat beard, big sword?”
“The one with the dark companion?”
“I guess he’s back from the wars.”
“And you thoughtfully helped her escape.”
“It may happen, although I’m inclined to believe …”
A scream erupted from the audience, bringing
The opera to a dead stop as all eyes sought
Out the Countess, “that things will unfold
More dramatically,” Tasha said with a laugh
The crowd followed the outstretched arm
Accusing her husband as he stood in shock
His mistress by his side and soon a gasp
Called attention to the young man beside her
“Two at once,” Tasha said in her glee
“No sympathy for those who betray sacred
Oaths,” and Malinov felt slightly uneasy


About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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