Silver – stanza 10.2

When they lived calmly, when circumstances
Permitted, they selected their vessels, even led
Them to love, lured death with reckless acts
And restored themselves anew in the vibrance
Of youth, integrated into fresh personalities
But more often, one of them would die before
Preparations could be made, anyone suitable
Young but mature, usually around twenty
Would suffice, sometimes someone they knew
And recognition would come fairly soon
Usually someone in the same town, requiring
About a year for them to emerge visible
Necessitating a search to reduce the wait
Silver taught Malinov to use the skills
Of the vessel they possessed as a beacon
The artistry, their academics, their style
To express themselves from within
A skill they practiced for centuries until
They became quite adept at forcing reunion
However, a worst case scenario arose
Sometimes, when with no preparation
They died simultaneously, scattering
Their souls across the countryside
Creating two naïve vessels moving
Slowly together as they regained
Consciousness, several years might pass
Before they caught wind of each other
Leaving them to pry themselves free
Of the emotional entanglements of youth


About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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