Silver – stanza 28

I was witness to the rest, the performance
Went beautifully, although I sensed Allison
Grew aware of a man who focused
Concentrated attention visible in a crowd
All staring enraptured, he was Malinov
Of course, Silver can dance; the ballet
Ended with reverences and flowers
In the old world style, we rushed backstage
To begin the process of coming down from
The high of performance; Courlain and Tasha
Mingled when Malinov arrived and confronted
Allison; he and Courlain began to argue
While Silver and Tasha chatted like old
Friends who haven’t seen each other in
Hundreds of years, Courlain dashed away
Began climbing a ladder into the lights
Malinov ran after him, screaming “It doesn’t
Have to be this way” but Courlain kept
Climbing and Malinov followed him up
Silver and Tasha both yelled for them to
Talk and Courlain ran across a girder
To a rope reaching up to the high ceiling
Hand over hand, slowly, painfully rising
Malinov followed, younger and faster
Until he had nearly caught Courlain
“Malinov,” screamed Tasha, “Go to her!”
And he fell and Courlain fell after


About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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