Silver – stanza 14

Their death defying romance went on
For hundreds and hundreds of years
Until the late eighteenth century
When everything went wrong; Courlain
Came from out of the past, another
Story, a different volume in the long history
Of Silver, long in Africa and Asia, Russia
And Pacific Isles, plying his trades, exploring
In the days of exploration, polishing his
Inimitable style in every way known to man
By becoming, in turn, each of those men
He found her in Austria, singing Opera nightly
To the Viennese audience’s delight, spied
Upon her, keeping his distance so she
Wouldn’t suspect that he was in town
Knowing there remained a part of her
That would always belong to him
Hundreds and hundreds of years together
Loves buried by the centuries apart
Lost in the maelstroms of medieval plague
Kept apart after a transition, multiple
Deaths increasing the distance and losing
The memories, forgetting all too soon
The love they’d shared, carving a new life
Creating a new immortal as only Silver
Knows how to do, bereft of Courlain
In want of company, Silver found Malinov
And the process of living began anew
In him and he was hers until she lost him


About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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