Silver – stanza 9

A fascinating observation but proof of nothing
Some of the world’s finest dancers started
Relatively late in their youth, unless that
Is evidence that this sort of thing happened
Before, the tendency is to gravitate to the arts
When we’re looking for someone, to express
The essence of our personality outwards
Having danced with Silver, I would recognize
Her style, her technique, her footwork
From the back of the theater as she danced
Company on a dimly lit stage, in character
Costume, you think I exaggerate but I don’t
Within our art form, practiced daily
For decades or more, we discern nuances
Within that are invisible to the untrained eye
Dance is primarily danced for dancers
The dancers dancing and the audience
Composed almost entirely by dancers
And ex-dancers, alone in appreciation
Of the turns, bends, flings and strutting
Parading before a judgmental king
Malinov set out looking for Silver with no clue
To guide him except the certain knowledge
That when he heard her, saw her
He would recognize her in an instant
So he practiced his arts and descended
Into the local art scene, the musicians
And actors and painters and sculptors
And finally dancers where he found us


About Lord Malinov

Lord Malinov, literary author, bon vivant, rogue romantic poet
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