I finished the verse draft of Silver – prose ho!17796273_10203110668965797_5305081158145370672_n

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Silver – stanza 28.3

I raced after Courlain, to grab hold of him
Keep him from harming himself; I knew he
Was making his play for Silver the best he
Knew how, the usual way for our kind
But I wanted to talk, to sit down with
Silver and Tasha and Courlain and make
A new kind of plan, to consciously choose
A course of action that would benefit
All of us, so we didn’t spend the next
Thousand years trading bodies and lives
To maneuver and escape, love and lose
So when he grabbed the rope and climbed
I took hold of the rope and went up after
Him, with no plan in mind but to lay
Hands on him, shake some sense into him
When he reached the platform, I felt some
Relief, for on that stage I hoped I could
Take hold of him, talk to him, talk some
Sense into him, so I climbed harder, knowing
He had no other escape but to jump off
I thought so, but Courlain had other ideas
And he leapt, a terrifying leap away
From the platform, clutching at another
Rope that went to the very high roof
I soon reached the platform and looked
To see Courlain struggling to raise himself
Weary hand after weary hand, with a sigh
I readied myself to make the outrageous
Leap when I heard my name, turned and fell

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Silver – stanza 27.3

We can only imagine what Silver thought
As she became aware, realizing herself
Recognizing Courlain, seeing his schemes
But she carried on, never showing her hand
Never allowing Courlain to see her alerted
To his presence, although he smugly confident
In the distance he’d maintained, coolly
Assured that Silver was not yet surfaced
By Tasha, the only other person who knew
Silver well enough to judge; She promised
Courlain that she would let him know when
She saw the unmistakable signs of awareness
But it seems apparent she did no such thing
Either because she never noticed the sudden
Sharpness in Allison’s eyes as she gazed
Upon them, as they ate and chatted demurely
Or because she knew and never told him
I certainly don’t know what actually transpired
The journal certainly shows Silver came to life
That night, that she danced with me and now
Occupies the mind and life of my darling Allison
And while Silver loves Malinov and maybe
Courlain, I remain convinced that Allison
Loves me, and while Silver may be more
Than meets the eye, she is also Allison
This is more than I can process, I just don’t
Understand how much of what I’ve been
Told is actually true, what does it even mean
To us and perhaps I need to know who I am

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Silver – stanza 26.3

When it came to Courlain, Malinov found it
Difficult to trust Silver completely, he
Knew they had a past together, past
The seventy years they spent together
Recently, Silver had never told him
About any of the time she had spent
With Courlain but Malinov had been
Told a few things by Tasha, who also
Didn’t like to discuss her past, but
Tasha is an incorrigible gossip and
Was very ready to tell tales about
Other people’s past, though she knew
Little enough about Silver, but Malinov
Knew enough to understand that last
Time Courlain showed up unannounced
And Malinov could never be sure
That Silver hadn’t left unwillingly
Just as she had run off with him in
Louisiana, so while she had told
Him to go about his business and
Leave Courlain to her to deal with
Malinov never strayed too far away
Keeping his eye on both Silver and
Courlain but eventually, his presence
Tipped off Courlain that Silver
Was on to him, that her innocent
Suggestions were far from innocent
Caught like a rat in a trap, Courlain
Fought back by burning the trap

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Silver – stanza 25.3

The day of the show started slowly, with
A modest breakfast and a long soak
Down at the theater, Mme. Tasha led
A very light warm-up followed by a
Logistical run through, checking marks
And cues; one of the girls who danced
In one of the other numbers cut her foot
Leading us into twenty minutes of chaos
And panic as they bandaged the wound
And finally convinced the young woman
She was fine and perfectly capable of
Performing; as curtain time approached
I sequestered myself in my overly large
Dressing room; took a quick bite to sustain
My strength without weighing me down
I cleaned myself thoroughly and began
Applying my stage make-up, molding
My coif, Attending the details of my costume
Sitting in silence, I went through my breathing
Exercises, mumbled through the prayers I
Had been reciting since childhood, touched
Or kissed some of the keepsakes, icons,
Totems and good luck charms I had collected
Over the years; I went through a series
Of stretches I have developed to focus my mind
Finally, I left my dressing room, headed
For the stage to watch the dances from
The wings, soon Allison stood beside me, I
Took hold of her small hand and kissed it

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Silver – stanza 24.3

“I’m told you brag about swindling me.”
“Thank them that told you, you wouldn’t have
Figured it out on your own. It was crafty.”
“Excuse me?”
“But I wouldn’t say I bragged about it. Wasn’t
Much of a challenge, really; You’re just not that bright.”
The duel was set for dawn. Malinov declined
To bring a second, and attended by a servant
With instructions to bring his corpse away
Courlain did his part, dispatching Malinov with
A shot through the heart and the servant
Did his, taking the lifeless body to the swamp
And was soon forgotten, having been in town
Such a short time; for a year, Malinov settled
Into his new vessel, a bright young fellow studying
To be a lawyer, his writing and rhetoric
Making a meteoric splash with the locals
Destined to become a big shot in Washington
They figured; When Malinov took the reins
He courted Silver’s selected vessel and
They waited until Silver died before getting
Married and making the journey east
It took months for Courlain to suspect
That Silver had not possessed the vessel
They had planned for her; it took a year
For him to be certain and by that time, he
Didn’t have the slightest clue to her whereabouts
We don’t known what he did then but he caught
Up with Tasha in Istanbul and lived out there

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Silver – stanza 23.3

Silver’s journal had this to say:
Tonight, I had dinner after our final
Rehearsal with Mme. Tasha, Chris
And the producer, a powerful looking
Young looking but clearly older than he seems
Gentle, graceful, charming man; People
Have said he produced the entire Gala
To showcase my talents but I’ve never
Seen him before; of course, I feared
That this was an elaborate scheme to
Seduce me, I mean, it happens in movies
But he barely spoke to me, whispering
To Mme. Tasha in Russian, leaving me
Tete a tete with Chris and as we spoke
I learned to know him in an entirely new way
The force of his will behind his raw talent
Transformed him, in my eyes, from a dancer
My dance partner, into a practicing genius
Of a visual language that is dance and
I became enamored of him, far beyond
The lust that had been brewing, as it will
Between partners, this became deeper, holy
In the ritual of souls, what a fascinating
Young man, imported from halfway across
The globe to dance with me, how can I
Help but love him – even in his faults, I
Am lost, enchanted, stolen, feverish, swept
Over by emotions cascading in a mad flood
And then I recognized Randolph Courlain

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